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September 16, 2008
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About Vancouver ENT/ENT Clinic of the Northwest

The staff at Vancouver Ear, Nose, and Throat/ENT Clinic of the Northwest understands that you have options as a patient. We are glad you have chosen us to take care of your medical concerns. We offer the greatest standard of medical practices while caring for you with the respect and kindness you deserve.

This information is intended to answer questions regarding our practice. If you have questions we have not answered, please ask.

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Appointments & Office Locations

To better serve you, Vancouver Ear, Nose, and Throat/ENT Clinic of the Northwest have three offices. Please contact any of our offices to make an appointment.



During regular business hours, call the main office number 360-256-4425 (Vancouver), 360-636-4469 (Longview). If an emergency occurs after office hours or on a weekend, our office phone answering service will locate the doctor on-call for you.

If your emergency is such that you feel you cannot wait for a return call, go directly to the emergency room at your nearest local hospital; or wherever your insurance company stipulates care for emergency treatments.


Prescription Refills

Please contact your pharmacy for refill requests. The pharmacy will then notify us of your request.


Clinic Physicians

The physicians at Vancouver Ear, Nose, & Throat/ENT Clinic of the Northwest have been providing medical services for over 15 years. We are the premier Ear, Nose, & Throat group in the Vancouver area and all of SW Washington.

Vancouver Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians
Donald E. Newell, M.D., FACS
Phil L. Anderson, M.D.
Todd H. Berinstein, M.D., FACS
Adam S. Wilson, M.D.
David P. McQuivey, PA-C

Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic of the Northwest Physicians
Edward L. Treyve, M.D.
Jeffrey R. Davis, M.D.
All Physician Biographies



Office Visits

In order to keep the costs of medical care low, we ask that you PLEASE PAY FOR OFFICE VISITS, HEARING TESTS, ETC. AT THE TIME THE SERVICE IS RECEIVED. Patients with Medicare, Medicaid, or Managed Care pay in accordance with the laws or contracts governing those plans. It is the patient’s responsibility to bring to our office his/her insurance card and insurance information.

While we are happy to help you receive the maximum benefits allowed by your insurance carrier, bear in mind that it is your responsibility to pay as a deposit, any deductible, coinsurance or any other balance not paid by your insurance company prior to receiving services. Even though we assist you in receiving reimbursement from your insurance company, please understand that you, the patient, ultimately have the final responsibility for your bill.

If you have no insurance and need help, our Business Office personnel will help you to work out an agreeable payment program.

Insurance and Financial Information

If you have no insurance and need help, our Business Office personnel in Vancouver can be reached at 360-449-6616 or in Longview at 360-636-4469 to work out an agreeable payment program.

Insurance Company Requirements

We bill almost all insurance companies, but we cannot bill without a copy of your insurance card. Please bring your card with you to your appointment. If your plan requires a referral from your primary care physician, we will need it at the time your appointment is made. Any co-pay must be paid at the time of visit. It is your responsibility to know your insurance requirements and conditions for hospital or ambulatory surgery center admission. As a service to you, we preauthorize every surgery with your insurance company.

Insurance (Traditional Indemnity Plans)

You are responsible for payment of your bill; however, as a service to you, we will bill your insurance company directly. You will receive an itemized statement following any service that we provide. Subsequent monthly statements will be “Balance Forward” statements.

HMO and PPO Insurance Plans

We will bill your HMO and PPO plan directly; however, co-payments are due at time of visit (per your employer contract). In the case of HMO’s, a referral from your primary care provider prior to your visit with our doctors is required. Without a referral or the appropriate insurance card, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer for the payment of the bill.


Medicare requires that we bill directly for all of our services. You are responsible for 20% of the Medicare allowable. As a service to our patients, we will bill your secondary insurance.
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